The sinless you
is like the sun;
even the sinful you
is like the sun.

Your Ghost will guide you. I only hope he chose wisely.
I did…I’m sure of it. We’re in this together now.

"I’ll make a wish to the spirit Origin to start my life over again! And Elle will be with me, of course. Reborn as my daughter in the prime dimension.”    


Modern Baseball - Pothole (x)

Twitter / 71drafting: 月経というものを描けないでいる。中途半端な知識で「知ったふうな顔すんな」って言われるリスクをわざわざ負うこともないんだが、そこを避ける故に「女性性描ききれる訳ないよな」という諦念も、ある。 彼女はどんな気持ちでそれを迎えたんだろう。

honestly if you think racism against white people doesn’t exist then you’re just ignorant

“Now it’s the dark’s turn to be afraid.”